Grateful Red Pinot Noir 2010

Grateful Red Pinot Noir

Grateful Red Pinot Noir 2010


Suggested Retail is $15.00

From The Winery

13.2% alcohol. Willamette Valley AVA.


My quest to find high-quality, budget Pinot Noirs is starting to feel like a unicorn hunt. Redhawk Winery & Vineyard’s 2010 Grateful Red Pinot Noir is no unicorn. It presents with a color slightly deeper than a Rose. Tart and bitter red fruits dominate, complimented by earth and rose petals. There’s a strong oak presence–in my opinion too strong for this fragile wine. In the mouth, this Pinot is ultra-dry, with a stemmy bitterness that would not fade off. The aromas are decent, and it’s crisp, but the flavors are not pleasing. While I’m a huge proponent of Oregon Pinots, I’m not sure that I’d recommend this wine unless it’s on sale (significantly).


Not Too Shabby (81), 2.5/5 Value

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